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Plugs & Adaptors for Home, Office & Industry

We manufacture a diverse range of Plugs and Adaptors meeting IEC, CEE, BS Standards.

Our internal surge suppressors are tested against ‘worst case’ conditions,
as defined in the International Standards.

Meeting the requirements of BS EN62305-4 complemented by BS EN61643-11/12,
where Type 1, 2 and 3 Surge Protective Devices (SPD’s) are used.

  • Our FP range of Filter Plugs replaces normal plugs and provides protection
    from Surge and RFI

  • The FA Adaptor offers the same protection as the FP plug and allows
    connection of existing plugs into a 'Clean' power supply

  • Tranquel

Product Range Description Datasheet
FA BS1363 Surge & RFI Protected Adaptor - 3A, 7A,and 13A variants. FA-3-7-13_vPD2.pdf
FP BS1363 Surge & RFI Protected Plug - 3A, 7A,and 13A variants. Various pre-fitted lead options. FP-3-7-13_vPD2.pdf
TRANQ BS1363 Surge Protected Plug - Rated 3A, 5A and 10A with Thermal Overload Protection.  Approved to EN 60950 TRANQ_ vPD2.pdf


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